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Soup & Bread 2020 has been cancelled

Soup & Bread is, at its core, a tool to combat social distancing — we are all about bringing people together and fostering connection — so it’s with a heart heavy with disbelief that I’m here to say we have cancelled the remaining three events due to the COVID-19 pandemic (words I cannot believe I am even typing).

We are  very grateful to everyone who’s come out this winter to cook, eat, DJ, or just hang, and hope we can do it all again when the time is right. We will be disbursing the money we raised on site (about $6,500) to our partner orgs soon. As that number indicates, we did not hit our goal of raising $10K this year (and thus passing our twelve-year benchmark of $100,000). But since we announced the cancellation on social media yesterday our incredible community has come together to add another $1,231 to that total, which, honestly, has been very moving and proof positive that, like the sign at the Hideout says, “There is still kindness and goodness.”

If you would like to contribute to bring that total up, the link to do so is on our home page, in the left hand margin. I would link to it directly here, but when I do that it seems not to work and I’m too fried to figure it out. So, click through to our home page here and then click on the “Donate” button in the left-hand margin. (Only works on desktop, not mobile. Sorry! See above re: fried.) All of the money donated will go straight to small Chicago food pantries and hunger relief organizations. And, of course, if you’d prefer to donate directly to your local food pantry, that would also be a good and caring thing to do. They are going to need it now more than ever.

Two more items of interest: we have updated our Gumroad site with *new hats in all-new colors.* Go here to check those out.

And, last, our partners at the Hideout have announced today that they too are closing down for the next few weeks. To help defray the economic impact this will have on their staff—many of whom you know and love from Soup & Bread—they’ve launched a “Virtual Tavern” initiative. Go here to read the full announcement and learn how to leave a “tip” for the staff

Thank you, stay safe and healthy, and take care of one another. We hope to see you again very soon.

A giant virtual hug,



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