Soup and Bread

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What people have said about Soup & Bread and the Soup & Bread Cookbook:

“A way to slow down and enjoy the season while helping others with a tummy full of soup… what more could you ask for in a bustling city’s coldest months?” — The Urbaness

 “Compact and red, and packed with recipes from local food writers … the Soup & Bread Cookbook is packed with no-frills, hearty, DIY flavor. Just like Chicago.” — New City

“There are a lot of interesting soup recipes in Soup & Bread, but to me the most motivating element of the book is the chapter introductions, which outline the various ways that people can use soup to ‘build community one pot at a time.'” — Isthmus

“Beautifully written, generous and honest, the book looks at community building through lenses as various and diverse as the country has to offer. Bayne finds people of many kinds – immigrants, nuns, urban farmers, artists and activists – each using soup to bring people together and knit up what has become unraveled.” — Tikkun

“Soup is sometimes more than soup. It’s sustenance, comfort, a lifesaver, and a social glue. Martha Bayne explores the social function of soup, weaving stories of soup swaps, soup kitchens, and soup feasts. … The recipes are inspired and the dishes outstanding.” — Today’s Diet and Nutrition

“The perfect gift for anyone who’s trying to survive a Chicago winter … the book contains almost 100 recipes that are designed to bring people together, feed the soul, and, yep, fill your belly.” — PopSugar

“Historically soup has been considered a simple, economic dish, and is often shared as a means of charity. But Bayne is more interested in making a connection with people, taking a note more from the Hull House and community centers than a conventional soup kitchen.” — UP Chicago

“Every noble thing in this world begins with bored bartenders in the dead of winter in Chicago. . . . Adorable.” — Grub Street Chicago

 “In the spirit of those plastic-bound church cookbooks, the bulk of the recipes are tried and true favorites from regular people . . . . [It’s] a handsome package.” — Chicago Journal

” The book reflects the almost palpable enthusiasm for soup that can be felt at the events, from Bayne’s informative essays to Paul Dolan’s charming illustrations to the recipes themselves, which preserve the writers’ individual voices.” — Chicago Reader



Bonus Video!

I talked soup (and bread) with the charming and witty Mark Bazer on his aptly titled Interview Show. (2/17/12).

And here’s a video trailer we put together to promote the cookbook back in 2011, with help from our friends Jim Newberry, Aaron Wickenden, and Mark Greenberg.