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Soup & Bread 2012: In other(s) words

In the ten days since we wrapped Soup & Bread for the 2012 season, I started a new job, met up with my family for a long-planned vacation, did my taxes, cleaned the house, picked up a big plaque from Time Out Chicago, went square dancing, and slept a lot. What I have NOT done is catch up on emails and recipes from the final Soup & Bread, of which there are many. But, you know, soon. I promise.

Thankfully, while I was lolling around the pool in Tucson, other people stepped up to the job of documenting our blowout Soup & Bread (& Pie): Louisa Chu, blogging at WBEZ, provided her own recap, in which she says some embarrassingly nice things. Mike Sula dished up the background on his burgoo over at the Reader. And Ellen Malloy and Grant Kessler, who kicked off their own community building project at Soup & Bread, provide this overview on their “100 Meals” site.

I *can* report, with deep pleasure, that with this final Soup & Bread we decisively hit, and passed, our $30,000 goal for total soup dollars raised to date. Donations the last few weeks have benefitted the Warming Center in Logan Square, the Seton Sandwich Kitchen, and the Irving Park Community Food Pantry. On their behalf, thanks again, so much, to all who came, cooked, ate, and gave generously.

Lastly, just in case you haven’t gotten enough soup in your system, you have a few more chances in the coming weeks. This Thursday, April 26, the kind people who run the Public Square’s Cafe Society program have invited me to WBEZ’s north side bureau in Rogers Park to talk and eat soup with all comers. That’s at 6 p.m. and it’s free.

Then, on Saturday, May 5, the Smart Museum symposium Of Hospitality, part of the ongoing exhibit Feast: Radical Hospitality in Contemporary Art, wraps with a community Soup & Bread dinner. That’s at the U. of C.’s new Logan Center for the Arts at 5:30 p.m.; it’s free but registration is required. I’ll be there with books, and (even better) the LA-based Fallen Fruit collective will provide liquid refreshment, in the form of vodka infused with found local fruit.

On Tuesday, May 8, I meet up with Fallen Fruit again for a salon-style discussion at ThreeWalls titled Rooted: Food and Farming Initiatives as Regional Artworks. Joining us are Eric May (who I wrote about last year for Time Out), Fereshteh Tootsi, and Bitter Melon’s Andi Sutton. I am really looking forward to meeting and talking about food, art, and community with all these arty types, whose work I have long admired from afar. If you do to, you should join us! The ThreeWalls salon starts at 7 p.m. at the gallery, 119 N. Peoria.

New ideas for summer and beyond are simmering, slowly, on the back burners of the Soup & Bread brain trust. Stay tuned for more as they come to a boil. And, in the meantime, enjoy this coming respite from bad soup metaphors in online prose.

And thanks again to all — especially Sheila Sachs, Hope Williams, and everyone at the Hideout — for a swell soup season. We could not do it without you.



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