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Soup & Bread strips down


Just when I thought I’d so cleverly avoided the polar vortex … it came back. It was a cold, cold night on the soup line this week but our cooks Ross Outten, Lisa Martain Hoffer, and Sarah Dandelles were up to the challenge. All three cooked up hearty, savory soups that, appropriate to our theme of “the woods,” showcased the smoky, earthy goodness of mushrooms. Ross’s mushroom consomme with pork belly was stellar; Lisa’s cream of mushroom with wild rice was so soulful her kids were mad she didn’t leave any at home for dinner; and Sarah’s vegan and gluten-free cream of mushrooms was stunningly rich. I even stepped up at the last minute to fill the crock claimed by Katie Hochslauer, who was stuck out of town thanks to the crummy weather. (A theme is emerging here.)


The resulting “moss soup” (really a kale, spinach, leek, and mushroom puree based on one found in Anna Thomas’s Love Soup) was visually challenging, but actually pretty tasty — if not as rib-stickingly hearty as the other three. Two of our other soup cooks couldn’t make it this week as well, and with the thermometer plunging as fast as the snow was coming down, it wasn’t long before the four crocks we did have were practically licked clean. We WILL have more soup next week. We promise.


And, speaking of next week — our theme is “Minimalism” and our soups are being provided by a half-dozen members of Slow Food Chicago, as well as first-time Soup & Bread cook Nida Rodriguez and our friends at the Butcher and Larder. Bread as ever from PQM and Crumb, with Bloodshot Records‘ chief operating sausage maker Rob Miller in the DJ booth. Pay-what-you-can donations benefit the Elan Davies Social Service Center of Fourth Presbyterian Church. Come out experience the elegance of soups where form meets function. Or, well, something like that!

Posted: Thursday Jan 23,2014 09:51 PM In Event Schedule

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