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Soup & Bread Cookbook Trailer from Soup & Bread on Vimeo.

In honor of Leap Day we’re leaping over Soup & Bread for the week. Go outside and play! Or, stay in and revisit the beginning of winter with this video document of our November 2 book release party. Can that really have been just three months ago?

It’s been a whirlwind. So much so that, by the end of January, we were flat out of books. So I’m thrilled to announce that the book is now in its second printing — and should, after that brief period of scarcity — be back in stock at a distributor near you. If you’ve had trouble getting your hands on a copy, please head over to your local independent retailer (bookstore, grocery, watering hole) and urge them to lay in a fresh supply.

Lastly, a kajillion thanks to Jim Newberry, Aaron Wickenden, and Mark Greenberg for lending their time and massive talents to this little (long-delayed, through no fault but my own) video trailer – and to Rob at the Butcher and Larder and Rida at La Farine for allowing us such generous access to their workplaces.  Without you, friends, Soup & Bread is nothing.

See you next week!

Posted: Wednesday Feb 29,2012 01:42 PM In S&B Cookbook

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