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A midseason update from Soup & Bread

It’s almost March. How’d that happen? We’re halfway through the 2013 season of Soup & Bread: Chicago, and it’s been a busy eight weeks. We’ve seen monthly Soup & Bread events start up in Forest […]

Feb, 25

Soup & Bread 2/20/13: All Things Cow-nsidered

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that our “All Things Cow-nsidered” soup night — a celebration of one mighty animal — didn’t yield much in the way of vegetarian-friendly soups. We tried, honest. I […]

Feb, 23

Soup & Bread 2/13/13: Love, Lust, and Hate

It’s been a blast so far this year to watch Soup & Bread cooks take on our ridiculous theme challenges. The results have been creative, curious, and on the whole, delicious. But this week, in […]

Feb, 16

Soup & Bread 2/6/13: Down Under

OK, so … on the off chance you were laboring under the impression Soup & Bread, Inc., was a finely oiled, precision machine, this past week would have cleanly liberated you from that delusion. We […]

Feb, 11

Double trouble with Soup & Bread: 1/30/13 & 1/31/13

First things first: Earlier this year I commissioned my friend Dmitry Samarov to create a painting of the scene at Soup & Bread. He brought it to me on Wednesday, and it is perfect. I […]

Feb, 05

Soup & Bread 1/23/13: The Ocean

I was expecting a full slate of chowder last week. I should’ve known better. Our soup cooks really stepped it up, delivering a set of wildly creative variations on the theme of “The Ocean” that […]

Jan, 27

Soup & Bread 1/16/13: Our Neighbors to the North

When we cooked up the themes for the 2013 soup season (on a napkin, over cocktails and pork buns at Graze in Madison), we were aiming for a list of ideas/prompts that could be both […]

Jan, 21


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