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Soup & Bread 2/6/13: Down Under

bowlsOK, so … on the off chance you were laboring under the impression Soup & Bread, Inc., was a finely oiled, precision machine, this past week would have cleanly liberated you from that delusion. We had to scramble to fill the roster of cooks; I was late, and left half the tablecloths at home in the dryer; the bowls we ordered never arrived … everything was topsy-turvey. Perhaps appropriate to our “Down Under” theme.

TAWSE setupDespite some mild chaos, though, our soup cooks delivered — no one less so than Bonnie Tawse, who, celebrating her long-ago year as an exchange student in Australia, produced a beetroot soup with a swirl of minty peas came complete with biscuits  and Aussie flag (above). She even still fit into her old AFS T-shirt. Other soups on the table included a traditional New Zealand kumara, or sweet potato soup, from Simon Tankard, Australian vegan pumpkin soup from Dan Miller, and zesty Argentinan locro, or pulled pork soup with lima bean and squash, from Richard Stacewicz. The trio of Simon, Dan, and Richard are S&B vets, and have cooked together all five years running, which should, frankly, get them something more than a few free beers. Maybe next year.

Rounding out the table were our two last-minute volunteers, Diane Gallher, with a hearty Peruvian aguadito de pollo, and David Kodeski, with a spicy Russian fish stew that he justified as being from “down under the ocean.”

Sure, OK. That works.

Dubious adherence to theme and 11th-hour bowl shortage notwithstanding, all was ultimately A-OK. And we raised $600 for the Chicago Help Initiative. Many thanks to all who came, ate, and gave.

kids soup

 Coming up this week: Our soup theme February 13 is the Valentine’s-appropriate “Love, Lust, and Hate.” We’re looking forward to soups of giddy hopefulness, uncontrollable desire, and dark, smoldering revenge. Or maybe just quiet resignation and a pair of cozy slippers. Our soup cooks are: Christine Cikowski and Josh Kulp from Sunday Dinner Chicago, Foodgasm‘s Ashley Simone and Etta Worthington, Kiku Handmade‘s Laurie Freivogel, Rock Candy‘s Helen Tsatsos, freelance writer Lisa Chalem, and Maria Wilson. Bread generously donated by Publican Quality Meats and La Farine Bakery. Our DJs are the adorable Gwen and Jeremy Lemos; pay-what-you-can donations benefit the Common Pantry.

See you Wednesday!

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