Soup and Bread

Soup Wrapup

Soup & Bread 2018: Ten years in the soup

The tenth season of Soup & Bread kicks off at the Hideout on January 3. Ten years! Can you believe it? We can’t. In those ten years we’ve staged Soup & Bread dinners from Brooklyn […]

Dec, 03

Soup & Bread 2017, the End

  A belated thanks to everyone who came out to our final Soup & Bread of 2017! Thanks to you we hit our goal of raising $10,000 for Chicago food pantries and antihunger groups. We […]

Apr, 10

Tales from the merch table

A guest post by Amanda Zwald, seller of merch, picker-upper of bread, and volunteer superhero. Thanks Amanda, for this and for everything you do. I work the merch table and greet folks arriving for Soup […]

Mar, 26

Soup & Bread 2016: January 27

Every week at Soup & Bread we run through the same worries: Is anyone going to come? Will we have enough soup? Will we have too much soup? Will we have nothing but lentils for […]

Jan, 21

Soup & Bread gets cheesy

The theme for this week’s Soup & Bread may have been “minimalism” but that doesn’t mean the soups on hand lacked for style. From the Butcher and Larder‘s butchers’ broth — a flavor bomb that […]

Jan, 31

Soup & Bread heads into the woods

Our theme this week is a fairy tale: children lost in the woods, foraging for mushrooms and nuts. Killing and skinning a rabbit. And making a pot of soup? Our soup cooks may have different […]

Jan, 19

The pots are empty, the party’s over

The crocks are washed and the tablecloths are clean — or as clean as they’re going to get, at least. ┬áSoup & Bread 2013 was a joy. A messy, soupy, ridiculously themed adventure through our […]

Apr, 24


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