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A midseason update from Soup & Bread

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It’s almost March. How’d that happen?

We’re halfway through the 2013 season of Soup & Bread: Chicago, and it’s been a busy eight weeks. We’ve seen monthly Soup & Bread events start up in Forest Park, Berwyn, and Ottawa, Illinois, while Soup & Bread: Columbus is still going strong.  We helped Chicagoist and Benton House set up their own soup-styled evening, while out in Western Springs, a one-night-only Soup & Bread raised almost $10,000.  (Work it, Western Springs!) Meanwhile, here in Chicago we’re having fun with the new challenge of themed soups — with some memorable nights dedicated to the Ocean, Our Neighbors to the North, and Love, Lust & Hate already  under our belts.

But it’s not over yet! There’s a whole lot still to come. Read on for the high points, and be sure to check our calendar for any updates down the line.

Coming up this week at the Hideout: Our theme is “NYC vs. LA” and, really, that could mean just about anything. Bagel vs. taco soup? Subway vs. freeway? The Ramones vs. the Germs? Density vs. sprawl? We’re looking forward to seeing what our cooks come up with. For a full schedule of this year’s themes, and answers to burning questions such as “Is there parking?”  see our new FAQ.

On Thursday, February 28, we are honored to partner with Theater Oobleck for a performance of Mickle Maher’s brilliant There Is a Happiness That Morning Is to benefit Soup & Bread. Come see this hilarious, moving, and 90-minute-long play! We will be on hand with books to sell, and to go out for drinks with you afterward. A portion of the box office take for this performance will be donated to Soup & Bread. The show starts at 8 pm at Victory Gardens Biograph Theater; tickets are $15, more if you’ve got it, and free if you’re broke.

Also on February 28, it’s the second installment of Soup & Bread: Berwyn. If you can’t make it to the show, consider a trip to FitzGerald’s?

On Saturday, March 2, I (Martha) am giving a talk on soup and community building at Kendall College, at the invitation of the Culinary Historians of Chicago. It’s at 10 am and it’s $3 (free for Kendall students); there will be soup and bread afterward. WBEZ posted a nice preview of this the other day.

And later in the month, on March 16, Soup & Bread presents a track of short workshops on food and community as part of the Good Food Festival at the UIC Forum. The workshops run from 11 am to 5 pm, with sessions on community gardening, working with your alderman and your neighbors on community-based projects, the good fun of food swaps, and food as community outreach (each session repeats three times). Admission to the festival alone is $10 in advance, $15 on site; additional workshops and events carry extra costs.

Lastly, just cause we can’t stop, we’ve added one more week to this year’s soup season: Our April 17 event is a benefit for Vital Bridges, with soups created from items commonly found in a food pantry. Lineup of cooks still TBD.

Speaking of cooks–we still need them. Want to cook for Soup & Bread? Get in touch

That’s it. Short and sweet. See you soon!

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