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Soup & Bread 2016: February 17

IMG_7819Despite frigid temps inside the Hideout and out, we had a great night last night at Soup & Bread — one made all the more exciting by some hotly anticipated developments. First of all, UPS delivered a brand new Crock-Pot that we are dubbing the Karen Gerod Memorial Vegetarian Crock-Pot in honor of our late friend and supporter Karen, and in deep gratitude for the generous donation her sister Debra made earlier this year to our fundraising campaign. The owner of now-shuttered Swim Cafe, Karen could be counted on for many years to deliver a last-minute vegetarian soup in a pinch and was always a joy to have on the soup line. We miss her a lot, so we’re saving this blue beauty for vegetarian soups that would do her proud. (And soon, we’ll even get a real plaque for it.)


Second, our new soup bowls arrived! How cute are these? They are available for sale on-site at Soup & Bread events only, for the low, low price of $10, but if you make a tax-deductible donation of $40 to our fundraising campaign via the PayPal button on this page here, we’ll send you one in the mail anywhere in the world.* So far this year we have raised $3598 in pay-what-you-can donations at our events, all of which goes directly to local food pantries, and we’re channelling 20% of all donations made through our fiscal sponsor, the Social Good Fund,  directly to local hunger relief as well. (The balance goes to support Soup & Bread operations — to buy bowls, spoons, etc.) We’re running the campaign through March 31; please consider a donation today!


Now, on to next week. February 17  is the annual LTH Forum field trip to Soup & Bread, and they’re so organized they’ve already figured out what they’re cooking. To wit:

Takgaejang (Korean Spicy Chicken soup–it has 13 ingredients!)
Goat’s Head Soup
Clam chowder
Birria con consommé
Red lentil, coconut curry –vegan
Hearty Rutabaga, Carrot and Turnip Soup-vegan
Lucky Bean Soup–vegan

They’ve also rounded up a slate of desserts; go here for details:

All that, plus bread from Publican Quality Bread and music from Bloodshot Records‘ Scott Schaefer should make for a night not to be missed. Your pay what you can donations this week benefit the food pantry at Northwestern Settlement House.

Thank you!


* If you’ve already donated >$40 to our fundraising campaign, a) THANK YOU and b) you get a bowl too. Sit tight.

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