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Soup & Bread 2016: February 10

The soup + patrons equation makes for some confounding algebra, with a multitude of unknown variables: How much soup did each cook prepare? How many vegetarians are coming? Who will cancel at the last minute? […]

Feb, 04

Soup & Bread 2016: February 3

This week’s Soup & Bread was an object lesson in upending expectations. We had one soup cook cancel and another get the date wrong; we had a dire shortage of bread; we had basically confusion […]

Jan, 28

Soup & Bread 2016: January 27

Every week at Soup & Bread we run through the same worries: Is anyone going to come? Will we have enough soup? Will we have too much soup? Will we have nothing but lentils for […]

Jan, 21

Soup & Bread 2016: January 20

OK! Less nutsy turnout on January 13 than for our kickoff — for which we are both relieved and yet also wistful, because, well, if you didn’t come you missed out on some amazing soups […]

Jan, 14

Soup & Bread 2016: January 13

Soup & Bread has returned for its eighth year at the Hideout. At our kickoff event January 6 we raised a record $718 for the Common Pantry. Amazing. You are all amazing. At this rate we […]

Jan, 07

Soup & Bread 2016: It begins

Soup & Bread returns for its eighth year at the Hideout! Join us January 6 (and every Wednesday for the next 13 weeks) for soups from some of Chicago’s best home cooks, and some fancy […]

Dec, 29

A gentle reminder from Soup & Bread

Don’t forget that Soup & Bread 2016 starts January 6 at the Hideout – our eighth season!  The schedule for cooks is filling up but there are still plenty of spots left. If you’d like to be on the roster, […]

Dec, 04


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