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Soup & Bread 2016: January 27


Every week at Soup & Bread we run through the same worries: Is anyone going to come? Will we have enough soup? Will we have too much soup? Will we have nothing but lentils for a crowd of carnivores, or beef stew for a flock of vegans? It’s a math problem with so many unknowns, I’ve sort of given up trying to solve it. But sometimes it just works out — like last night when we had a great range of tasty soups from the volunteers from Slow Food Chicago — Beth Osmund, Cortney Ahern, Heidi Hedeker, Laurell Sims, Katie Johnson — plus veteran soup maker John McKevitt, with his annual vat of cheddar-beer soup, and Shelby Phillips, from Local Foods.

With their help we raised another $604 dollars for the Community Dinners’ meal project at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Logan Square.  The recipe for John’s cheese soup can be found here; will post the rest of the recipes as they come in.

Coming up next week we’ve got soups from:

Lula Cafe
Local Foods
Lisa Martain Hoffer
Dana Bassett
Greta Schluderberg
Dan Weissman

And, as ever, bread is donated by the good people at Publican Quality Bread. Our partner food pantry this week is the scrappy Hands to Help Ministries, on the northwest side, and our DJ is the Hideout’s own Sullivan Davis.

Thanks and see you next week.


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