Soup and Bread

Soup & Bread 2/1

If January came in — and is going out — like a lamb, does that mean February is lurking around the corner with a pride of hungry lions? I hope they like soup.

Last week saw a stellar return to form, with soups from Anna and Ethan at Green Grocer Chicago, Maggie Kast, Paul Wargaski, Mollie Green, Stephen Ucherek, Grete Wood, and Chris from the Butcher and Larder, who held down his end of the soup line despite having learned that morning that the shop’s main beef farmer, Frank Thomas of Q7 Ranch, had suddenly, unexpectedly passed away that morning. (You can read owner Rob Levitt’s moving tribute to Frank – and the deeper satisfactions of running a business built on relationships with people you respect at the Butcher and Larder website.)

We raised $620 for the Howard Area Community Center and there was not a bum soup in the bunch – and I know because for once I wasn’t behind the bar, and I got to sample (almost) all. I should be getting recipes for at least some of them up on the blog soon. But I’d be shirking my reportorial duties if I didn’t repeat one juicy pullquote from the night now. To wit, on the subject of Anna Heerwagen and Ethan Fischer’s “Holy Mole,” with punctuating moan: “This soup is like everything you would want in a life partner. At once.”

Can next week’s cooks top these superstars? We’ll have to see. On the soup line next week:

Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm’s Beth and Jody Osmund

Poet and writer Erika Mikkalo

Roommate’s Kent Lambert

Tiny Greens’ market manager Paula Jeremias

Annie Coleman, of Living Room Realty and the Golden Horse Ranch Square Dance Band

Simon’s Tavern chili cookoff champion Matt O’Neill

Our friends at Lula Cafe

and Mary Black, with cooks from the Marjorie Kovler Center, beneficiaries of this week’s Soup & Bread donations.

All this plus DJ Peter Margasak, bread from La Farine, and extra-special bread from the members of Chicago Amateur Bread Bakers.

So hitch your lions to the bike rack and come on in. Wednesday February 1, from 5:30-7:30 at the Hideout. See you there!




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