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Tales from the merch table

A guest post by Amanda Zwald, seller of merch, picker-upper of bread, and volunteer superhero. Thanks Amanda, for this and for everything you do. I work the merch table and greet folks arriving for Soup […]

Mar, 26

Vote early and often … for Soup & Bread

By some strange hand of fate, Soup & Bread has been nominated for a Reader’s Choice Award in the Chicago Tribune’s annual Dining Awards. Competitors in our category of “Best Food Where You’d Least Expect […]

Mar, 01

Chili & Cornbread: A meal and raffle to benefit Soup & Bread

Hello friends! We’ve missed you. It’s been so long. Did you miss us? Well, then, you’re in luck — because we’re back in action, one month early. Please join us at the Hideout on Saturday, December 13, for Chili & […]

Nov, 26
A little love for Soup & Bread

A little love for Soup & Bread

Wahoo! Soup & Bread got a Living Room Realty microgrant! The LRR program is designed to provide a little bit of support for projects that “go above and beyond to give to the community.” I’m […]

Dec, 27

Happiness is …. a benefit for Soup & Bread

Wrangling soup cooks and crock pots every winter is a lot of work — but thankfully it’s not yet a 24/7 job. This past month, in between doing other things that pay the bills, it […]

Feb, 14

Soup & Bread 2013: Your questions answered. Finally.

The next run of Soup & Bread starts January 2 — our fifth season of soup at the Hideout. And, if you are like us, you cannot believe we have been doing this for FIVE YEARS. […]

Nov, 28

Art and Soup, or Derrida Does Improv

“So your soup thing … is it, like, an art project?” I’m in New York for the week and this question, asked by a kind stranger, cracked me up – because for the last month […]

Jun, 08


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