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ct-dining-awards-2016-readers-picks-002By some strange hand of fate, Soup & Bread has been nominated for a Reader’s Choice Award in the Chicago Tribune’s annual Dining Awards. Competitors in our category of “Best Food Where You’d Least Expect It” are such titans as Wrigley Field, O’Hare, and the United Center — and, Restoration Hardware?

Needless to say, all these folks have budgets and capacities that far dwarf our little line of crock pots at the Hideout. So, it’s an honor to be nominated! You can vote for the candidate of your choice in this category (and others, where contenders include our friends at Cellar Door Provisions, Blackbird, Piece, Metropolis Coffee, and Owen & Engine) at THIS LINK RIGHT HERE.

As ever, we thank you for your support!

Posted: Tuesday Mar 1,2016 01:03 PM In Soup Miscellany

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