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Top ten soup stories of 2011

Tis the season … for taking stock and making lists. And making stock, for that matter. Right now there’s a pot bubbling on the stovetop and the apartment is infused with the cozy smells of […]

Dec, 31

Potluck Wednesdays, continued

So our whole crazy Potluck Wednesday idea started off with the biggest potluck of them all — our massive blowout to support the Garfield Park Conservatory on July 6. And then July 13 we had […]

Jul, 22
The cookbook has left the building

The cookbook has left the building

It’s true. We shipped it off to Agate yesterday. Hooray! And now … we wait. The book’s not due out until November. But we’ve got some other projects on our plate in the meantime, though. […]

Jun, 07
Soup & Bread in action

Soup & Bread in action

Northwestern journalism student Jessica Chou did a little video report on Soup & Bread earlier this winter; I just found it on her blog. Vanity compels me to note that she made me take off […]

Mar, 15

What we ate last week

Mar, 02

Photo Friday: Detroit Soup

I hopped the train to the Motor City last weekend for a dizzying 24-hour trip to buy a Chrysler check out the action at Detroit Soup, which celebrated its one-year anniversary on Sunday night. I […]

Feb, 11

Soup & Bread watches newspapers eat themselves alive

(image stolen from here) A digression, for your snow days: Soup & Bread’s gotten some nice attention of late, and I am loathe to sound a complaint. Because, really — it’s great! But the (dormant) […]

Feb, 08


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