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Soup & Bread 2020


It’s that time of year again. The days are getting colder, the nights are getting darker — and Soup & Bread is right around the corner. We will return to the Hideout on Wednesday, January 8 and run through April 1, bringing you weekly doses of warm soup and sociability to launch you into the next decade. This is our twelfth year of Soup & Bread, which, honestly, is a little hard to believe. You’re all so grown up now! Where do the years go?

Even harder to believe: since we plugged in our first handful of thrift-store crockpots in 2009 we have raised approximately $90,000in donations for Chicago’s neighborhood food pantries and hunger-relief organizations. Ninety thousand dollars. That’s not a typo — and it’s all come from you, dear readers and eaters, with every wadded-up $5 bill you drop into the bucket.

Over thirteen weeks this winter we aim to break the six-figure barrier, and with your help we are confident we can do it. As ever, we’ll be in the cozy back room of the Hideout every Wednesday from 5:30 to 8 with an ever-changing array of soups, and bread from Publican Quality Bread. Kids are welcome, just don’t send them over without a parent or guardian. And of course it’s always pay what you can — give one dollar or one hundred, you are all welcome to join us and fill your bowls. So spread the word far and wide, friends, and if you’d like to get on the schedule to cook, please read this FAQ and then email us at

And now, on to the exciting news. Rather than the usual round of holiday fundraising, this year we’ve decided to celebrate with ADORABLE NEW MERCH. Our cookbook is officially out of print, but Soup & Bread hats and T-shirts are now available for preorder online. They’ll ship mid-December — or if you prefer, you can shop in person on Monday December 16 at the Hideout Holiday Sale, 6-9 pm at the Hideout, or any night at Soup & Bread.  The artwork is by Maja Lindall, who drew it and gave it to us during a Soup & Bread this past year. It’s been hanging on my (Martha’s) fridge ever since, until Sheila took it and tidied it up for printing and embroidery format.

T-shirts are $20 and available in assorted sizes, Baby blue only (the extra-smalls should fit kids sizes 10/12 & 14/16). Hats (also $20) are available in two styles and four colors, and at the suggestion of Maja’s dad, Anders Lindall, we are also offering a two-for-one “Share the Warmth” option: pony up $30 (or more if you like) and we’ll ship you one hat and donate a second to The Night Ministry, whose offices and overnight youth shelter The Crib are moving to 1735 N. Ashland, near the Hideout, this spring. We are happy to have them as new neighbors — and are working with our pals at Friends of the Bloomingdale Trailto make this hat thing happen. They’re hosting a hat and scarf drive for The Night Ministry as part of this year’s Walk With Light on December 15, so keep your eyes open for more on that.

I’ve been thinking a lot this fall about choices and the ways in which we as human beings choose, or don’t, to extend ourselves in relationship to others. Our families, our friendships, our communities are all sustained by this ongoing exercise of choice — even when it seems pointless (looking at you, national politics), and even when we may not know how our efforts to communicate and collaborate will be received; that things may not go the way we expect, or desire. We do it anyway, over and over, in stumbling faith in each other, and that to me is a small miracle.

This Thanksgiving I’m grateful to all of you who chose to share your time and talents and humanity with us every Wednesday, every winter. Even when you don’t know what’s on the menu, or there may not be any soup left at all, you keep showing up, and together we build this thing all over again.

Thank you.

Soup & Bread
November 2019

PS: If you can’t wait til January for your soup fix, I’ll be ladling up something hot (not sure what yet) along with dozens of other professional and home cooks on Monday, Dec. 9, from 6-9 pm at Co-Prosperity Sphere, 3219 S. Morgan. It’s $15 for unlimited soup, and all proceeds go to benefit Misericordia and the National MS Society.

PPS: Don’t forget to check out our website! You can also follow us at @soupbreadchi on Instagram. That’s also our Twitter handle, btw. And on Facebook we are Soup & Bread: Chicago.


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