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Two Soups: Lentil + Sweet Potato Cabbage

IMG_1783From Erin Drain

Erin brought *two* soups to Soup & Bread on February 15, a lentil and a sweet potato and cabbage. Rather than cut and paste all the recipes, her email isjust reposted here with links and annotations intact. I’m lazy!

She also brought me the amazing shirt pictured above. Thank you Erin!

She says:

I wanted to make soups that came from countries either directly affected or likely affected by the proposed Muslim travel ban. Yemen is on the list, and Indonesia is the country with the largest population of Muslims in the world.

The lentil soup I made is a riff on this recipe, an easier version than some I saw on Yemeni recipe sites. I added ginger to the spice blend.

The condiment was a blend of hulbah and zhug, and a little goes a long way!

As for the sweet potato and cabbage soup, I broke out the first cookbook I ever owned, which was Moosewood. I was a vegetarian for many years, and still don’t eat much meat, but I insist on occupying what I nerdily call “Flavor Country” at all times. This recipe is flavor country. The peanut butter tempers the heat, so be sure to go back and add more cayenne if you like. Also, beware that cooking raw onion, ginger, and cayenne at once releases a fury into one’s eyeballs so leave the mascara off that day.

Erin Drain is a Philadelphia native but Chicago has been home the last 13 years, thanks in large part to the diversity of restaurants. I live in Humboldt Park with an ancient shepherd mix, and after ten years in the wine business, have just begun to work for a tech startup that endeavors to change the way restaurants run their purchasing, hopefully bringing the independent restaurateur into the digital age and helping to make that business just a little less challenging. There is always something delicious in my refrigerator.

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