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Slutty Spring Pea Soup

From Jennifer Berman This soup is packed with bold spring flavors, but Jen dubbed it “slutty” because, to paraphrase, the addition of bacon on top of so much goodness can be seen as a completely […]

Apr, 17

Green Pea Soup with Cucumber Raita

From Alia Danal Alia posted the recipe for this on her own website, Urban Chickpea, last week, along with heaps of beautiful photos and background on how she developed the recipe. I’ll just reprint the […]

Apr, 17

Green Gazpacho

From Maribeth Heeran This was a wonderfully tangy, fresh and frisky gazpacho, full of the clean spring flavors of celery and bell peppers. Not to mention, I am a sucker for any recipe involving stale […]

Apr, 17

Green Garlic Soup

From Julia McDonald/Peasants Plot Julia cooked and husband Todd served two versions of the tangy spring soup — one made with chicken stock and one thoroughly veggie. Says Julia, “Green garlic shoots are a sure […]

Apr, 17

Italian Beef Soup

From Allison Scott This was another inspired (and delicious) contribution to our “Chicago vs. Chicago” soup night on April 3. With this and the deep-dish pizza soup, all we needed was a Chicago dog-style soup […]

Apr, 14

Chilled Pea & Grapefruit Soup

From Mark Smrecek This dish is a straight shot of spring flavor. Mark says he was inspired by an Alain Passard dish ┬áthat paired white almonds and peas with grapefruit, and a boatload of butter, […]

Apr, 04

Zurek (aka “white borscht”)

From John Lenart John brought this soup — complete with his own homemade kielbasa!– to Soup & Bread for our “Alliums and Asparagus” soup night on March 27, and while it might be only marginally […]

Apr, 04


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