Soup and Bread

Soup & Bread Feb. 8

IMG_1595The first week of February was our biggest week to date since our blowout extravaganza on January 4 — with donations totaling $802 — and a continued supply of diverse, delicious soups! Poke around here to see some of the recipes that have come rolling in in the past few weeks. I’m so gratified by the time and care all the cooks are taking to both document their cooking and deliver on the backstory.

This week we refill the bowls with offerings from a new set of cooks, including:

Amy Eaton
Simon Tankard
Richard Stacewicz
Ashley Simone
Etta Worthington
Mana Food Bar
and a chef TBD from Local Foods
+ one more?

Plus: Cake from Celestial Kitchens! Bread from Publican Quality Bread! And music courtesy of DJ Mary Nisi. Our partner food pantry this week is the Chicago Help Initiative.

See you soon, in soup and solidarity.

Posted: Sunday Feb 5,2017 08:32 PM In Event Schedule

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