Soup and Bread

Soup & Bread 2016: February 10

FullSizeRenderThe soup + patrons equation makes for some confounding algebra, with a multitude of unknown variables: How much soup did each cook prepare? How many vegetarians are coming? Who will cancel at the last minute? Is it snowing? Last week we had a radical soup shortage that sent our hero Jamie scooting across the alley to warm up some extra lentil soup from the Local Foods freezer; this week we had gallons left over. So: note to the opportunistic. You might want to bring some Tupperware with you next week, because you just never know when you’ll be able to take home a doggie … bowl.

Still and all, we had a great time with the bounty, and raised $514 for the food pantry at Casa Catalina in Back of the Yards, bringing our total on-site donations this year to $3208.

Looking ahead, next week we’ve got soup from:

Christine Cikowski (Sunday Dinner Club)
Elliot Byer and Kyra Termini
Helen Tsatsos and Kim Lutz
Ethan Fischer (Green Grocer Chicago/Central Pickling)
Jackie Dulen Rodriguez
Edward Friends
Whitney Beaver
Jimmy Shay (Butcher & Larder @ Local Foods)

Next week’s pay-what-you-can donations benefit Lakeview Pantry, and our DJ is the soigné Kim Soss. As ever, bread is donated by Publican Quality Bread.  And, lastly (just in time for Valentine’s Day?) we should have some exciting new items for our merch table, hot off the delivery truck, for those of you who’d like your soup served in something a bit more permanent than a compostable bowl. We can’t wait to see how these turned out. Come next week to check them out for yourself.

Until then ….

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