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Soup & Bread (& Pie): The Last Soup

Last Wednesday, after a particularly long (and fun) Soup & Bread, Sheila and I were hauling our Rubbermaid bins of gear back up to their secret Hideout hideout when, as we paused to Jenga them into place, Sheila pointed out that, “You know, we’ve been doing this since NOVEMBER.”

I hadn’t thought about it like that, but she’s right. We’ve been packing and unpacking bins of books, cleaning Crock Pots, and wrangling soups basically five months straight, since our book release party November 2. I’ve put more than 5,000 miles on my car. We’re tired!

So we’re looking forward to this week’s close of the 2012 “soup season” at the Hideout, if only to sync our soup schedule with this early onset of spring.

Of course, the crocks can’t stay cold for long. On Saturday, May 5, the Smart Museum hosts a Soup & Bread at the U. of C.’s Logan Center for the Arts on the heels of a symposium on hospitality that’s part of the Smart’s food-as-art exhibit Feast. And plans are afoot for to bring soup to Washington Island, Iowa City, and points beyond this summer. But, for now, we’re packing things up at our home base — and celebrating with a blowout of souper proportions. (Sorry.)

This week we have soups from Sunday Dinner Chicago‘s Christine Citkowksi; Chicago Reader food critic Mike Sula, with something squirrelly up his sleeve; Chef Whisperer Ellen Malloy and photographer Grant Kessler (who have their own documentary/community building project in the works), Videnovich Farms‘ Vera Videnovich; investment adviser Richard Black, yoga student and food blogger Lauren Falasz; Mare Swallow, the muscle and hustle behind the 2012 Chicago Writer’s Conference; and our stalwart friends at Swim Cafe.

And, of course, what’s a final Soup & Bread without some pie? We’ve got pastries coming from Hoosier Mama, Cheap Tart Bakery, ‘BEZ food blogger Louisa Chu, culinary historian Catherine Lambrecht, and many many many more.

DJs Matt Lux and Jim Becker provide the soundtrack, all evening and long into the night, spinning for both Soup & Bread *and* the Tatsuki Nakitani/Ed Wilkerson Jr./Mars Williams sets that follow.

Proceeds this evening go to support the Warming Center in Logan Square. We are close to meeting our $30,000 lifetime Soup & Bread goal. With your help we can make it a reality — and it won’t be any fun without you. So come out, eat some pie, and savor that final bowl of soup. That’s 5:30 this Wednesday, April 11, at the Hideout, 1354 W. Wabansia. See you there!

All photos from Soup & Bread April 4.

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