Soup and Bread

Caffeinated Gazpacho

From David Meyers

[Ed: David, the perpetually caffeinated life force behind Resistance Coffee and the new Cafe YO, provides this first-person account of his soup-making process.]

As one who has been told he’s like soup without the bowl, I’d like to tell you how I made the so-called Caffeinated Gazpacho for last week’s Soup and Bread extravaganza.

First, the soup was not in fact caffeinated; as Martha is known as the Soup Lady, I am known as the Coffee Guy, and I was forced by circumstance and predisposition to include caffeine in my titling. When asked at the serving line, “Is it really caffeinated?” I responded, “No, but there’s so much garlic in it, it feels like caffeine. Buzz.”

But enough of all that. Here’s how this gazpacho came into being.

It was hot out, so I went to Stanley’s to get stuff to make gazpacho instead of the champurrados I’d been planning on making. Champurrados is great on a frosty March morning, being a kind of Mexican hot chocolate gruel; it was 80 degrees out. Not so frosty.

So I got a bunch of veggies, and some good olive oil and red wine vinegar and lemons. The veggies were bags of tomatoes, several cukes, orange and green bell peppers, a purple onion, but no celery – that’s for babies. A bunch of parsley, and some heads of garlic. Two heads of garlic, one tureen of soup.

I just started chopping stuff and cramming it into the blender over and over, sometimes adding olive oil and squeezed lemon juice as lubricant, maybe adding a little water here and there if the thing jammed. All those lovely colors came out as a rather bland greenish orangeish brown, what can you do? Well, time was running short and gazpacho really is better very cold, so I stirred up the saucy beige stuff and shoved it in the freezer. In the nick of time. It sort of got chilled in the hour before takeoff.

Serving the stuff was fun. I suggested to Jon, who was serving his “Cawl” next to me, that we start a riot (he’s still never been in one! WTF!); as it seemed our little riot would be little more than a food fight, instead we just sat back and watched Jimmy Langford say spritely to innocent passers-by, “Would you like to sample the Ramen?”


Add salt and pepper to taste.

Posted: Monday Mar 26,2012 11:54 AM In Soup Recipes

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