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Vegan White Bean and Escarole Soup

From Meagan Lombaer of The Radical Larder Makes 16 cups Says Meagan: The white bean contains a phospholipid that aids in cell signaling, especially related to the type of cell death that confers advantages to […]

Feb, 01

Budae Jjigae (Korean Army Base Stew)

From Jesse Badger (Spoke & Bird) Says Jesse: I chose to do Budae Jjigae for the “Soup & Sanctuary” series for a few different reasons. For those unfamiliar with it, the name literally means “army” […]

Jan, 31

Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup

From Jackie Dulen Rodriguez Adapted from The Balthazar Cookbook This mushroom soup from Balthazar restaurant in New York was a revelation–so mushroomy! Although it doesn’t shout immigrant history, I’ve found that mushrooms bridge a lot of […]

Jan, 24

Irish Lamb Stew

From Jamie Proctor Says Jamie: Most of my family is descended from Irish immigrants, but my grandmothers weren’t big on family recipes or traditional meals, so there is no family recipe for Irish lamb stew. […]

Jan, 24

Yucatan-inspired Adzuki Bean Soup

From Molly Schemper This is a simple and surprisingly flavorful vegan bean soup that I unfortunately neglected to photograph. So here, instead, is a photo of some adzuki beans, small, red beans that are packed […]

Jan, 24

Colcannon Soup

From Allison Scott Makes 2-3 quarts Says Allison: I don’t usually cook directly from my Grandma Georgia’s recipes, but I have her sensibility from years of watching her in the kitchen. A self-described “poor, Irish […]

Jan, 24

Kerala-inspired Coconut-Cabbage Soup

From Kent Lambert Serves “a decent Soup & Bread-sized crowd” Says Kent: My favorite and most frequently used recipe of 2016 was Cabbage Thoran by Denise D’Silva Sankhé’ for Serious Eats. I hadn’t been to Devon […]

Jan, 23


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