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Soup & Bread on tee vee

On Monday, January 23, I teamed up with Karen Gerod of Swim Cafe, my go-to neighborhood spot for vegetarian soup and preposterous sandwich specials, to do a cooking demo on the WGN Midday News. We […]

Jan, 27

Soup & Bread: Back in the saddle

The past few weeks I’ve felt a bit like Soup & Bread might as well still be on hiatus. After the hustle of November and December, simply hanging around at the Hideout and having some […]

Jan, 22

S&B Tour 2011: Nashville

On December 7, five weeks and six states after our book party, we packed a squeaky suitcase with ladles and books and flew to Nashville. We were sorry to leave the Subaru behind – it […]

Dec, 12

S&B Tour 2011: Milwaukee

I was slumped over the bar at Sugar Maple last Thursday, having determined that, given the preceding 24 hours, a Stateside Saison was a sound idea, when I noticed the woman sitting next to me […]

Dec, 09

S&B Tour 2011: Madison

One week and one day after pulling our raggedy tails back to Chicago, Sheila and I took a quick trip to Wisconsin to seek out our people. In Madison, we found them. Now, if only […]

Dec, 05

S&B Tour 2011: NYC

On November 17, we landed in Brooklyn. You would never know we were an hour late! We took off from Philadelphia as early as possible — after we did one last load of laundry and […]

Dec, 04

S&B Tour 2011: Chicago-Youngstown-Philadelphia

That there? That is one packed car. And you can’t even see the mountain of vinyl tote bags and consumer electronics jamming up the back seat. Sheila and I left Chicago bright and early just […]

Nov, 29


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