Soup and Bread

S&B Cookbook

Soup & Bread Cookbook 2.0

Times are scary and weird, and cooking seems to be one of the few things making us feel better, so we’re bringing back the 2011 Soup & Bread Cookbook. We didn’t change much: same great recipes; same adorable art. But […]

May, 19

We want YOU (to send us your recipes)

Oh hi! We’ve been quiet, but we haven’t been still — plans are now in motion for a new Soup & Bread cookbook, hopefully out this fall in time for crisper weather in the spring […]

Jun, 16

Soup & Bread 2013: Your questions answered. Finally.

The next run of Soup & Bread starts January 2 — our fifth season of soup at the Hideout. And, if you are like us, you cannot believe we have been doing this for FIVE YEARS. […]

Nov, 28

Soup & Bread 2013, the warmup

  Boo! We’re baack. Because, damn, it is cold, and it is time for soup. Soup & Bread at the Hideout starts January 2. We are changing things up a bit this season, and we’ll […]

Oct, 31

Watch this space

Soup & Bread 2013 starts January 2 at the Hideout — and we’ll have more info on that schedule, upcoming November-December events, and some new surprises soon. In the meantime, why not make some soup […]

Oct, 20

Soup & Bread 2012: In other(s) words

In the ten days since we wrapped Soup & Bread for the 2012 season, I started a new job, met up with my family for a long-planned vacation, did my taxes, cleaned the house, picked […]

Apr, 22

Soup & Bread on film

Soup & Bread Cookbook Trailer from Soup & Bread on Vimeo. In honor of Leap Day we’re leaping over Soup & Bread for the week. Go outside and play! Or, stay in and revisit the […]

Feb, 29


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