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Soup & Bread TV, episode #3: Won Kim, of Kimski & Community Kitchen Chicago

Despite falling ill with COVID-19 in the early days of the pandemic (which by his account totally sucked), Won Kim—chef at Kimski, in Bridgeport—has been busy. In the past month he and partners at Marz Community […]

Jun, 24

Soup & Bread TV, Episode #2: Common Pantry

Well, Soup and Bread TV has only been up and running for three weeks and true to form I am already behind! Episode #2, an interview with the exuberant (still, even now) Margaret O’Conor, executive […]

Jun, 19

Soup & Bread TV, Episode #1: Care Kitchen Chicago

Soup & Bread is going online. Because, why not. Every Wednesday for the foreseeable future, tune in to the Hideout streaming channel at 6 pm Central for half-hour chats with local people (and a few outsiders) […]

Jun, 03


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