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IMG_2290We’ve been quiet, but we haven’t been still — plans are now in motion for a new Soup & Bread cookbook, hopefully out this fall in time for crisper weather in the spring of 2018. But to make it happen we need your help. This new book is tentatively titled Sanctuary Soup, and we want to include recipes from Soup & Bread meals all over. We know about projects this year in Cleveland, Traverse City, Seattle, and Oslo, Norway (!), but we’re not all that organized over here at S&B World HQ.  If you have cooked a soup for Soup & Bread, or staged an event of your own in your town or community lately, please get in touch!

We want to collect stories and recipes that speak to the theme of  “sanctuary.” What that means in the bowl is open to interpretation, but in Chicago we focused this year on soups from the city’s immigrant communities, and soups that reflect the migration of people and culinary traditions around the world. If you have a recipe that you’ve cooked for a Soup & Bread sometime in the last year or so that you think would fit the bill, please send it in the body of an email to soupnbread10 [at] gmail [dot] com, along with any notes about its origin story, and a brief bio of you, the cook. (See the recipes on this website for a model.)

We are self-publishing this one, with a portion of the proceeds going to support immigrant and refugee rights organizations, and we may in the coming months make the book available for preorder, as a means to pay the printer. So watch for more, coming soon, as we figure out how to keep making space in this despairing world for a meal with family and friends.


Soup & Bread

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  1. Michael
    July 30, 2017

    Are there any upcoming events for S&B? The Hideout? Thanks!

    • Martha
      November 6, 2017

      Hi Michael — Soup & Bread returns to the Hideout January 3.

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