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A community meal project based in Chicago

Carrot and Celeriac Soup With Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

From Cortney Ahern Cortney is the president of the Slow Food Chicago board, and in keeping with such a leadership position, was the first cook from our January 20 event to send over a recipe. Celeriac […]

Jan, 23 · in Soup Recipes

Soup & Bread 2016: January 27

Every week at Soup & Bread we run through the same worries: Is anyone going to come? Will we have enough soup? Will we have too much soup? Will we have nothing but lentils for […]

Lentil-Tomato Stew

From Spoke & Bird A late-arriving soup of which this is appears to be the only photo. Whoops. Prepared by Soup & Bread newcomers from the South Loop’s Spoke & Bird, it’s in the square […]

Jan, 14

Yakka Mein, aka “Old Sober”

From Cinnamon Cooper This recipe is most often served in small corner markets, on street corners late at night, and at the many festivals in New Orleans. The true history of the dish is unknown, […]

Jan, 14

Soup & Bread 2016: January 20

OK! Less nutsy turnout on January 13 than for our kickoff — for which we are both relieved and yet also wistful, because, well, if you didn’t come you missed out on some amazing soups […]

Jan, 14

Parmesan Broth with Kale, White Beans, and Spicy Sausage

  From Cyndi Fecher This broth was surprisingly rich, just salty enough, and just generally full of cheesy goodness — I’m craving it still. (And yes, that’s a cropped version of the same photo: Parmesan […]

Jan, 08

Spicy Black Bean Soup With Sweet Crema

Our first recipe of 2016! From Jill Barron, of Mana Food Bar. Of course I didn’t get a photo … save for this one. The black bean soup is in the covered crock at the […]

Jan, 07