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S&B in the field: Association House

So, one of our goals this year is to get out of the house — or, bar — to go see how the organizations Soup & Bread serves are coping with this grim and grueling […]

Feb, 05 · in Around the Pot

Soup & Bread gets cheesy

The theme for this week’s Soup & Bread may have been “minimalism” but that doesn’t mean the soups on hand lacked for style. From the Butcher and Larder‘s butchers’ broth — a flavor bomb that […]

Soup & Bread strips down

Just when I thought I’d so cleverly avoided the polar vortex … it came back. It was a cold, cold night on the soup line this week but our cooks Ross Outten, Lisa Martain Hoffer, […]

Jan, 23

Love is Soup & Bread

Join us February 7 when the Hideout takes over Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art for a night of love, madness, and soup. Titled “Love is Love” the whole shebang is part of the MCA’s monthly […]

Jan, 21

Soup & Bread heads into the woods

Our theme this week is a fairy tale: children lost in the woods, foraging for mushrooms and nuts. Killing and skinning a rabbit. And making a pot of soup? Our soup cooks may have different […]

Jan, 19

On fan mail, a polar vortex, and Southern comforts

1. I got a short, charming fan letter the other day, and if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of an unexpected — and genuine — compliment I don’t have to explain how GREAT […]

Jan, 12

Soup & Bread 2014 starts January 8

We’re back! And baby it’s cold outside. Soup & Bread 2014 kicks off Wednesday, January 8, at 5:30 pm at the Hideout. As we did last year, we’re giving each night a theme — and […]

Jan, 04