Soup and Bread


Beet & Sweet Potato Soup

From Margot Ward Possibly the greatest recipe ever. Serve soup over a scoop of chicken salad for a truly surprising taste sensation. It sounds weird, I know … but trust us. It’s delicious. The soup […]

Feb, 07

Korean spicy beef and vegetable soup (yukhejang)

From Sarah Song Serves 6-8 So many soup recipes have poured in over the past few days! We’ll try to get them posted here in short order. Here’s the first, for a restorative Korean spicy beef […]

Jan, 22

Soup & Bread Cookbook: Soup From Home

Here’s the introduction and the first chapter from our 2011  Soup & Bread Cookbook. Chapter One focuses on soups from home — with recipes like Chantal’s for soupe joumou, as well as recipes for harrira, khao […]

Nov, 29

Soupe Joumou (Haitian Independence Soup)

From Chantal Powell Serves 8 Chantal brought this celebratory Haitian soup, which is eaten on New Year’s Day in Haiti – and in Haitian communities across the world – to celebrate the day that country […]

Nov, 29

Soup & Bread 2017: Sanctuary Soup

Hello friends: It’s soup season again and – I’ll be honest right up front – until November 8 we thought perhaps Soup & Bread had run its course. Maybe, we wondered, it’s time to pass […]

Nov, 25

Veggie Bingo is Back

Chicago, June 15th, 2016 – Once again, NeighborSpace, The Hideout, and Soup & Bread are partnering to present Veggie Bingo. Every Wednesday evening from June 15th to August 31st, local celebrity callers (including Jon Langford […]

Jun, 09

Soup & Bread & Pie: March 30

It’s that time again: time for the end of Soup & Bread for the year, but also TIME FOR PIE. On Wednesday, March 30, we host the final Soup & Bread of 2016, in concert […]

Mar, 24


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