Soup and Bread

Soup & Bread for the Apocalypse

apocalypseSoup & Bread returns November 15 at the NeoFuturarium, as part of Theater Oobleck’s Apocalypse Cabaret, a benefit for Puerto Rican artists. The show starts at 7 pm, and features performances by Rey And├║jar, Jean Carlos Claudio, Barrie Cole, Edward Thomas-Herrera, David Isaacson, David Kodeski, and Diana Slickman, plus a new short puppet play by Mickle Maher, performed by Samuel Taylor; Soup & Bread cofounder Martha Bayne is the emcee.

The soup is served at 6:30, by guest cooks Celia Bucci, Cinnamon Cooper, Bonnie Tawse, and Sauce & Bread Kitchen. For tickets and more information┬ásee Theater Oobleck’s site.

Soup & Bread starts up again at the Hideout on January 3. Watch this space for more info, coming soon. And in the meantime take a listen to this Norwegian Public Broadcasting piece on Soup & Bread: Oslo. It’s in Norwegian, but Soup & Bread: Chicago is discussed, in English, around the 6:30 mark.


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