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Soup & Bread March 29 (aka “the end”)

FullSizeRender 3Chill winds blow from Washington but, technically at least, winter is over — and so, for the moment, is Soup & Bread.

We have had a great run this season, with full houses (and bellies) and an frankly soul-warming amount of goodwill. We’ve also raised, at last count, about $8,300 for Chicago food pantries and hunger-relief organization. With one night left, can we push that sum over $10K? I bet we can — and we’ve got several ways for you to chip in.

First! Come to S&B next Wednesday and toss your pay-what-you-can donation into the pot. On the soup line so far we have soup from:

Geef Fellows (Bad Hunter)
Allison Scott (Stock Cafe)
Elliott Beier (Owen & Engine)
Efren Candelaria (Sobremesa Supper Club)
Zeeshan Shah (The Biscuit Man)
Dana Bassett (ACRE: Artists Cooperative Residency and Exhibitions)
Brandon Joldersma (Virtue Cider)
and another chef TBD from Local Foods!

Second! Purchase baked goods at our now-traditional end-of-the-soup-season BAKE SALE, also on Wednesday. (Would you like to *donate* cookies, brownies, or a pie? Get in touch!)

Third: Come to Soup & Bread and pick up a copy of the Soup & Bread Cookbook. We’ve got just ten left (I think?). For a cool $20, you’ll get 100+ recipes (!).

Fourth: If you can’t make it out in person you can make a tax-deductible donation online via our fiscal sponsors at the Social Good Fund. A portion of online donations will be added to the kitty for this year’s Soup & Bread; the rest will go toward funding another cookbook, tentatively titled “Sanctuary Soup” and hopefully out this fall; proceeds from sales of this new book will go to support immigrant and refugee rights. (We’re gonna spare you a $^& Kickstarter, but we do need to pay the printer somehow; your $10 donation could yield $100 in cookbook sales down the road.)

Our partner food pantry for the final Soup & Bread of the year is Benton House, in Bridgeport, and our DJ is the lovely Carrie Weston. As-ever our bread is donated by the generous and cheerful bakers of Publican Quality Bread. And we will have more pies, in the form of PIZZA, donated by our friends at Piece Brewery and Pizzeria. We are so heartened by the support we’ve seen over this long, cruel winter and we hope to see you one last time before we have to find something else to do on Wednesday nights for a while.

So mark your calendars: Wednesday, March 29, 5:30-8 pm, the Hideout, 1358 W. Wabansia in Chicago. Bring your kids, bring your bowls, bring your dollars, and your big, boisterous, indestructible hearts.


FullSizeRenderPS: Last chance to get your hands on a beautiful risograph print from Theater Oobleck‘s Dave Buchen. The text reads, in Spanish, English, Persian, Arabic, and Chinese: “For all of human history we have migrated. Migration is more than a human right, it is an essential act of being human.”

All poster sales benefit the National Immigrant Justice Center at the Heartland Alliance.

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