Soup and Bread

Soup & Bread March 22

FullSizeRender 2TWO WEEKS TO GO!

Cooking this week we have Laurie Freivogel, Nancy Gardner, and Deana Curcio from Chicago Art Girls, plus soup from Jay Fancher, Jennifer Quinlan, Alanna Zaritz, Jimmy Langford (doing double duty as DJ), and, again, our pals at Local Foods. Bread from the Publican! Cake from Celestial Kitchens! Our partner food pantry this week is the Northwestern University Settlement House at Augusta and Noble in Wicker Park/East Village.

Also: We have restocked on cookbooks; come and get them when you can. This week and the next we’re also selling some beautiful risograph posters by Dave Buchen on behalf of Theater Oobleck; all proceeds from poster sales benefit the National Immigrant Justice Center. The text says, “For all of human history we have migrated. Migration is more than a human right, it is an essential act of being human” — in English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and Persian. Pick up one or the whole set of five!

Speaking of posters, we’ll also be hosting a poster making event during Soup & Bread (on the stage), for anyone planning to head out to the protest against Paul Ryan downtown on Thursday evening. The Hideout will provide poster board, markers, and other sign-making accoutrements; byo pithy slogan.

And stay tuned for more info on our FINAL night of Soup & Bread 2017, complete with bake sale and other special treats, coming soon.

Posted: Monday Mar 20,2017 09:58 PM In Event Schedule

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