Soup and Bread

Soup & Bread March 8


Our March 1 meal kicked off the final month of Soup & Bread in fine form — and for the second week in a row our donations hit four digits, so thanks once again to all who cooked, ate, and gave for all your support!

One of the people who came last week was Paul Dailing, who runs the great, focused, Ben Hecht-inspired site 1001 Chicago Afternoons; a few days later he posted a writeup of the event that made us blush. Thanks Paul; this was right on the money.

The Hideout’s a hip little dive and live music venue in a ramshackle 1800s house turned shanty turned bar turned punk club turned community hot spot. You can see lectures here, or rock out at shows. You can get blitzed at the bar or, on Wednesdays between January and March, watch local families, kids and hard-ass punks laugh and down hot, warm soup cooked up and served by local restaurants, caterers, schoolchildren, home cooks and anyone else wanting to be part of the scene.

Looking ahead, coming up March 8 at Soup & Bread, we’ve got soup from:

Christa Creps
Annie Rudnick
Laura Dougherty
Haleh Albert
Ana Gagliardi
And our pals at Local Foods

Bread! From Publican Quality Bread. Cake! From Celestial Kitchens. Music! From guest DJ John Soss. And our partner food pantry this week is the Chicago Lights Elam Davies Social Service Center.

We hope to see you there and then.

Posted: Monday Mar 6,2017 12:26 PM In Event Schedule

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